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The Bronx Dude


640 West 4th Street, Unit 412

Long Beach, CA 90802

Telephone: 562-666-2254




·         For major pay television operator, served as customer architect. Goal of project was to allow their customers to enjoy television programming on computers, tablets and cellphones. There were four teams. Customer architecture team in USA, product architecture team in Canada, product marketing team in Israel and development team in Canada. As customer architect, created solution architecture for hybrid cloud deployment of services for media trans-coding, rights management, encryption and adaptive bit rate playback. System was invaluable due to its cloud encoding on demand capabilities. Cloud encoding on demand automated workflows while dramatically reducing costs.

·         For major financial trading exchange, served as lead architect. Tasked with performing assessment of application and infrastructure architecture. Objectives of assessment were to discover root cause of availability and performance issues and recommend needed architectural changes to rectify situation. Provided documentation of architectural changes required to support 100% growth of sustained transaction rates of 675,000 transactions per second while improving transaction service times 300% to 2 milliseconds.

·         For major financial services company, served as global architect and directly managed team of 20 consultants to perfect implementation of dynamic infrastructure that would allow for dramatic improvements in time to market for delivery of web based applications. Dynamic infrastructure provided services to discover servers, to provision operating systems on bare metal servers and to install/configure needed middleware to support web tier applications. Solution reduced deployment time of over 600 web applications from weeks to hours.

·         For automotive company, served as chief architect. Directly managed 5 teams with 40 people to facilitate migration of legacy host based system to distributed J2EE/SOA based architecture. There were teams of analysts, developers, integrators and reporting. Project goal was to streamline firm's value chain from dealers through suppliers. During this assignment, lead development and forecasted budget for all environments.  Migration lifted satisfaction levels with their dealers and suppliers to 95%.



·         Cloud Computing

·         Unified Modeling Language

·         REST & SOAP API

·         SCRUM

·         Microservices

·         Business Process Modeling

·         Web Security (OAuth & SAML)

·         DevOps

·         Enterprise Integration Patterns

·         Continuous Integration

·         GOF Design Patterns

·         Virtualization



·         Sparx Enterprise Architect

·         Java Enterprise Edition

·         IBM Rational Rose

·         IBM Requisite Pro

·         IBM ClearCase

·         Spring Frameworks

·         Node.JS

·         Java 8

·         Eclipse

·         Microsoft Project

·         Javascript

·         HTML5

·         Linux/Windows


·         SQL/NoSQL




Self Employed, 02/2016 to Present

·         Responsible for trading personal wealth and income accounts using stocks, futures and options while using fundamental, technical and sentimental analysis to optimize trade strategy selections.

·         Agile exploit of data science and artificial intelligence to develop cloud based trade analysis system that leverages container based microservices for orchestration with diverse brokerage firms.


Architect, Office of the CTO, 01/2010 to 02/2016

Cisco Systems, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA

·         As member of Office of CTO, created solution architectures, worldwide, for pay television operators so that they could integrate Cisco cloud based product offerings. Presented solutions to C-level executives that were accepted and initiated launch of billion dollar deals for Cisco.

·         As lead headend architect, designed J2EE middleware services that encapsulated proprietary vendor interfaces of linear and VOD controllers. Middleware improved maintainability of infrastructure and reduced operational costs. Software was implemented by two development teams. USA team consisted of 20 developers and India team consisted of 32 developers.


Principal Architect, 06/1994 to 12/2009

Sun Microsystems, El Segundo, CA

·         As member of Sun Java Professional Services group, tasked to promote adoption of Java as computing platform while designing, writing and testing Java programs for clients on fee basis.

·         As highly desired member of Sun Speaker Bureau, evangelized Java Computing platform by delivering technical presentations at JavaOne conference to hundreds of attendees. Attendees consistently rated presentations at 9 out of 10 on average.

·         Contributed material for Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture course and reviewed book material for Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture.


Consultant, 06/1990 to 05/1994

Raima, Seattle, WA

·         As member of Professional Services Group, developed applications using firm's multi-platform database management system. Database management system supported relational, network and object models and was callable by C and C++.

·         Conducted training classes worldwide on database theory and Raima library API. Training classes were consistently rated 9 out of 10 on average.


Independent Consultant, 07/1989 to 02/1990

Self-employed, New York, NY

·         As independent contractor, developed UNIX/C application to price bonds to market for financial services firm.

·         Application was well-received and prompted business partnership offer.


Technical Manager, 05/1984 to 07/1989

Quotron, New York, NY

·         As member of Account team, managed technical relationship with top Wall Street brokerage firms and investment banks. Our goal was migration of legacy financial products to open systems with UNIX and C based platform. All clients were successfully migrated with high levels of client satisfaction.



Master of Science: Software Engineering

California State University - Fullerton

Top 5% of class

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science

Amherst College - Amherst, Massachusetts



·         Sun Certified Java Programmer

·         Sun Certified Java Developer

·         Sun Certified Java Architect



·         "Practical Application of J2EE Security", JavaOne 2002

·         "Delivering on the Promise of J2EE Technology", JavaOne 2001

·         Distributed Object computing, The Source Consulting Group Seminar 1998

·         The Java Programming Language, The Washington Government Expo 1997



·         Understanding Network Management with OOA, IEEE Network Magazine July 1990



·         "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology", Mark Cade & Simon Roberts; Sun Microsystems Press 2002



·         Sun Certified Java Programmer

·         Sun Certified Java Developer

·         Sun Certified Java Architect